About This Blog

Bad habits don’t change overnight. Earth healthy activities like walking to the grocery store, making your own laundry soap, or even starting a countertop herb garden can be daunting.

Pick one thing to do to make the world a little healthier, make it a habit, rinse and repeat*. Start small and build on your successes. Every little bit helps you get Closer To Green!



*When shampooing/**cleansing your hair, the repeating step is bad for the planet no matter how natural the ingredients are. It uses up fresh water, pollutes sea and ground water, pollutes the air and wastes energy via added manufacturing and transportation, and in many cases leads to more landfill waste.


**If you use Wen (or other multi pump product) and giving it up is too much to ask, pick a different way to start greening up your life. This is Closer To Green, not Eco Snob Weekly.