Garden Update 4/1/18 to 4/14/18


April 1

I raided the garage for suitable planters for our ever growing seedlings. I found two from some of our past nursery acquisitions.

I filled the large one with soil, and using a teaspoon, transplanted the lettuces, leeks, onions, and spinaches. I made sure to select only the healthiest seedlings for transplanting.

I watered the transplants. Then I cut the vegetable names off of the egg cartons to use as markers.

The leeks, and to a lesser degree the onions, had taken root in the cardboard of the egg cartons. I’m worried that I may have damaged them when I separated their roots from the cardboard.

If the seedling leeks die I will have to plant the seeds directly into the garden itself. Our luck with growing onions that way has been pretty hit or miss so I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that.

As I mentioned in the last update I have an emotional investment in the leeks. I have to admit I’m a bit anxious. I have yet to cry over a vegetable, but I’d be seriously bummed if my leeks died.


April 2

I hadn’t filled the black container all the way with dirt. I noticed that some of the transplanted seedlings were starting to shrink in the shadows that the sides of the container created.

I roughly folded a used piece of foil that was mostly clean but had a little too many burnt bits to recycle. I propped it under the planter so that the seedlings get more even sunlight.


April 3

I adjusted the black planter to little under a 45 degree angle. I manually adjusted some of the weaker plants so that they were directly in the sun.

The soil is still moist after 2 and a half days.


April 4

I watered the big planter for the first time in a couple days.

The more sickly plants were looking a bit perkier even before I actually watered them.


April 9

I’ve had to water the big planter less often than the egg crates. This means it’s a lot easier to forget to water the tomatoes as they are the serious only crops left in the crates.

I’ve left some extra lettuces in an egg crate because I feel weird about throwing out perfectly healthy plants.

I might donate it to one of the many churches near where I live or give them to a friend. I’m going to have to transplant them soon though if I’m going to do that. They are very tiny and sickly compared to the ones in the black container.

The transplanted lettuces look like proper little lettuce plants. The onions and leeks have looked like miniature onions and leeks for some time. Even the spinaches, which I admit are the weakest of my transplants are starting to develop into mini spinach plants.

I’m kind of really geeking.

The tomatoes are still very small but sturdy looking. I think a little transplanting may do them some good. I will have to do that some at some point this week.

If I can find some pots I’ll transplant the extra lettuces too.


April 10

I found some small plastic pots to transplant the extra lettuces into. They are a bit crowded but nowhere near as crowded as they were in the egg crate.


April 12

The extra lettuces are looking better.

I just got around to transplanting the tomatoes. We had seven plants and six spots in the pink planter. One had to go.

RIP Curly. You will be missed.

I think I’m getting better at thinning the seedlings but just barely. We were only planning on growing one tomato plant from seed.

We are thinking about adding experimenting with canning this year but we don’t know what yet. Jam seems like an easier place to start.

We could just plant all the tomato plants and make sauce. They are cherry tomatoes so that seems unlikely.

The onions are out growing the leeks again. The leeks look all crooked and bent. If I haven’t killed them I at the very least damaged them.

On the bright side the few spinaches that have made it are really starting to look like viable plants.


April 14


The leeks are starting to straighten out! They are healthy enough to heal the damage I caused them. These leeks just might make it to the garden yet.

The onions are getting so tall that they have completely fallen. The roots are most definitely not deep enough. I will have to replant them this upcoming week.

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