Eco Friendly Bridal Party Favors


Eco friendly bridal party gifts can be sophisticated! No joke. The formula is actually quite simple:

First and foremost, instead of stamping your name and wedding date on some dust collector, give your wedding party something they will actually use day in and day out. (Remember that commemorative crystal thingy-ma-bob you got from the last three weddings you attended. Do you really think your friends and family will want another one?)

Next, buy vintage when ever possible. There is a fine line between vintage and secondhand. A vintage faux pearl necklace is beautifully knotted, with smooth lustrous beads. Second hand faux pearls are flaky plastic beads that look like they could come unstrung at any minute.

Vintage gifts are stylish and sophisticated.

Secondhand presents are just plain tacky.

Lastly, if a vintage version of an item is not appropriate, look for recycled and/or sustainably created option.

Just Remember it this way: Reduce the amount of waste giving your wedding party swag they’ll actually want. Reuse vintage items when you can. Recycle post consumer waste buying eco friendly versions of new items. In that order.

Here are a few examples to get your creative juices flowing!

Jewelry is the traditional option for bridesmaids gifts. You can green it up by picking timeless items tailored to each individual bridesmaid. Not only does this prevent wasting resources on the transport of these pieces to secondhand stores or landfills, it’ll better communicate your appreciation and love each of your friends.


You might be a diamonds in platinum kind of person, but sometimes the classiest gift you can give are Batman studs or a Yankees keychain.

try to resist the urge to put you and your fiance’s names and wedding date on the gift bags. Giving them in a “Thank you from Bride(or Groom)zilla” embroidered reusable satin or velvet bag, in your color scheme, is a fun, regiftable way to help both you and your guests keep the festivities in prospective. A simple “Thank you so much!” pouch is even more likely to get regifted.

As tempting as robes with “Bridesmaid” and “Maid of Honor” embroidered on the back may be, unlabeled robes that coordinate with your bridesmaids’ dresses are a better choice. They will get worn again, and they’ll stand out more against all the noise on instagram.

Parents will appreciate cute reusable snack bags with fresh seasonal fruit, for the kids in the wedding party, much more than candies. Kids will appreciate kid powered toys like frisbees, jenga sets, crafts or science kits.

Vintage hankies for parents and grandparents of the happy couple are both cheeky and practical. Bonus points if you buy them locally.

If you’re looking for one-big-one-size-fits-all gift to replace all other bridal party gifts, try a small tablet. An Android operating system will be the most cost effective.


Choose one that has both Nook and Kindle apps available. Ebooks and digital magazines don’t require nearly as many resources to produce, ship and store as traditional publishing.

Load some free literary classics to each tablet so that your friends and family don’t feel like they are obligated to buy something to enjoy their gift.

Again, try to tailor the books to the tastes of the person you’re giving it to. Give parents of young children a combination of grownup novels and children’s books.

A collection of highly rated free cookbooks will be appreciated by foodies and friends with special diets. Just be sure to add titles on other topics as well.

What do you think? Do you have any ideas for cool eco friendly wedding party swag? Comment below or tag me on twitter @ShiftsThinking.

As always have fun, and remember, it’s not a matter of perfection it’s simply a matter of doing something today to get a little Closer To Green.

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