Weekly Gardening Notes: July 29, 2017


Carrots are nowhere near maturity. I must have miss recorded the planting date for the carrots. The planning website I used is tricky to use. I’ll just include planting dates in my daily notes from now on.

The trick to harvesting the bush beans is to lift leaves and stems up and pick the beans from the underside. Cucumbers benefit from this technique as well.

Having chicken piccata tonight. The parsley will be getting used in that.


West side pea plants in box B are dying. I don’t know why.

Need to let the parsley rest from harvesting, we’re out of hummus. Plant more next year?

Need to make something with basil. Pasta? Basil/watermelon salad? Pesto? Not enough for basil/chicken stir fry. Will try half a recipe of cucumber/basil/red onion salad. Hummus with basil instead of parsley? Sliders with basil onions.

Lettuces are almost done resting.

Need to make something with jalapenos in a few days.

Picked first green pepper. Not quite sure what to do with it. Make a grilled sandwich with peppers and onions? Wait for parsley to rest and dip in hummus? Make chili with it and some jalapenos?


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