Weekly Gardening Notes: August 5, 2017



We had our first big haul today. Zooks, peas, eggplant, some small tomatoes, and a large jalapeno. Lo mein for dinner tonight, and for our next three lunches.


We’ve harvested a total of $24.22 (a smidge over 10 pounds) of veggies and $6.60 fresh herbs.

The herb plants cost $4.24 total making for $2.36 in savings so far. Basil plants have produced $5.70 on their own.

So far the big growers have been peapods, broccoli, and zucchini, with the zooks growing the most number of pounds and the peas (which we grew from seed) creating the highest roi.


The more water the peas get the faster the pods grow. Must keep soaking them.

Another zook is growing on the fence side plant. Will pick tomorrow.

Beefsteaks are starting to turn red. Red grape tomatoes are still few in number but are increasing.

Counted three green peppers that need to be watched. They’re not quite ready but will be soon.

Will be making grandma’s cucumber and onion salad with the cukes that we’ve collected over the past few days. I’ll use yogurt we’re making instead of sour cream if it turns out.

Lettuces are still taste good in August.



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