Carrot Growing: Mistakes Were Made


Well, carrot day was a bust.

We started to pick a few and stopped immediately. I actually thought one of the greens had snapped off the root.

Nope. The root was so small that at first my eyes didn’t register it.

I must have misrecorded the planting day. The planning site I used this spring,, was a bit temperamental. I couldn’t figure out how to input the propper planting days. (I’m not sure if it was even possible.

That said, I can’t give a website the all the credit for my carr-ettes. I haven’t been as consistent with watering as I should be. I remember to water the beds, but I often forget the buckets.

I’m on the intermediate side of novice when it comes to gardening so things like this still happen from time to time. We plan on watering more consistently and checking in on this batch of carrot again at the end of August.

Depending on how developed they are we’ll plant again for the fall/winter in hopes of raising edible size baby carrots.

What can I say? Mess up. Learn. Do better. Repeat.

As always have fun, and remember, it’s not a matter of perfection it’s simply a matter of doing something today to get a little Closer To Green.

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